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Safe and

All our Sprinter vans go through a detailed safety and reliability inspection prior to rental and we offer 24/7 U.S. based support.


Take care of the paperwork for your Sprinter van rental  online and enjoy the convenience of a contactless pick-up and drop-off.

Clean and

We take safety seriously and ensure a thorough cleaning and disinfection process on all of our Sprinter vans.

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Our Most Popular Sprinter Van Rentals

The best rides with premium features.

Big Screen TV
Power Outlets
Backup Camera

We're on the Map

We offer both cargo and passenger Sprinter van rentals at our many locations across the southwestern United States. Find us in Las Vegas, Oakland, San Francisco, Phoenix and New Jersey.

Additional Services

We've got your back when you need us. Add these services for an additional fee at booking.

Delivery and Pickup

Get your van delivered when and where you need it, fully cleaned, fueled, and ready to go. When you’re done, we’ll pick it up for you.

24 Hour Pickup / Drop Off

We’re here when you need us. Choose any pickup and drop off time that works for you.

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We brought one of our vans to Antelope Island, Utah, to see if we could get close up views of any of the animals. The scenic drive portion of the island is meant to be enjoyed from inside a vehicle, making our vans ideal for this kind…

Our Sprinter Van Guide

Easily compare our vehicles to decide which one is best for you!

Model Style Seats Seating *MPG TV/DVD HDMI Power
Tow Cargo Luggage
GPS Backup Cam Available
9 Passenger VIP
(170' WB Long)
9 Captain Chairs 24 LV, PHX, LA, SF
9 Passenger
(140' WB Short)
9 Captain Chairs 24 LV, PHX
12 Passenger
(140' WB Short)
12 Bench Seating 24 LV, TPA, PHL
12 Passenger VIP
(170' WB Long)
12 Captain Chairs 24 LV
15/12 Passenger
(170' WB Long
12 / 15 Bench Seating 24 LV, PHX, LA, SF
15 Passenger Van
(170' WB Long
15 Bench Seating 24 LV, PHX, SF
Cargo/Crew Cargo Van
(170' WB Long)
5 24 LV, SF

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