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Why rent a sprinter van from Sprinter Vans 4 Rent?

A sprinter van can be a hugely beneficial option for any travel requirement. From a family road trip to a sports team outing, these vehicles offer everything you need and more in order to create a luxurious and comfortable travel experience for anyone in the vehicle. The sprinter vans we offer are available in various styles and models and can easily carry from 9 up to 15 passengers. 

Furthermore, our luxury VIP van rentals are also equipped with various elements such as backup cameras, power outlets, and DVD/TV screens. This allows passengers to travel in style and truly enjoy the journey in comfort. We also offer cargo sprinter vans to our customers. These contain less seats, with the options being a two-seater or a five-seater, however this allows for greater storage in the back of the van. The added space from the lack of seating gives the customer the opportunity to transport larger items that they would be unable to move in a smaller vehicle. Furthermore, the cargo vans are also equipped with a tow hitch, meaning customers are free to transport any trailers, vehicles or other towable items using our vans. This can be incredibly beneficial for any customer who wishes to transport an item, for example a small boat on a trailer, but does not possess a tow hitch on their own car, or a car strong enough to tow this item.

Sprinter vans not only offer you everything you need, but also allow you to choose the perfect model and style of van for you. This allows you to find a vehicle that matches the exact needs of your travelling journey. This includes the number of seats needed for passengers, the distance of the journey and the time it will take to complete, and any luggage or other items that need to be stored and transported in the sprinter van throughout the journey.

These Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are not only luxurious and comfortable, but they are also incredibly easy to drive and will never put the driver in a situation where they are unsure of how to handle the vehicle. Safety is a huge priority for our company, and we ensure that every Sprinter van we rent out passes every necessary test and is entirely capable of completing the necessary journey smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, we are determined to make each journey as enjoyable as possible for any passengers on the van, and for this reason we ensure that every van is cleaned thoroughly before and after it is used.

The advantages and uses for these vans are endless and it is safe to say the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Sprinter vans are the perfect choice for:

  • sports team journeys to away games;
  • camping expeditions;
  • school tours;
  • family road trips;
  • corporate weekends away;
  • band or musician tours, whether town-to-town or nation wide;
  • any other expedition;

These Sprinter vans are suitable for any short or long-distance journey, they are stylish, comfortable and offer everything you could ask for in a vehicle and more. In choosing Sprinter Vans 4 Rent as your passenger and cargo van rental company, you’ll experience a premium vehicle built for your comfort. Contact us today and allow our helpful team to assist you in choosing the right van for your journey.

Sprinter Vans 4 Rent Vehicle Guide

ModelSeatsSeatingMPGDVD/TVHDMIPowerUSBTowCargo HoldLuggage DividerGPSRear CameraAvailable Cities
9 passenger sprinter van rental
9 Passenger VIP (2017/2018 Model)
9Captain Chairs24 3 ft x 5 ft  Las Vegas
Oakland/San Francisco
9 passenger sprinter van rental
9 Passenger VIP Short (2018/2019 Model)
9Captain Chairs24 1.5 ft x 5 ft New Jersey
12 passenger sprinter van rental
12 Passenger VIP (2020 Model)
12Captain Chairs24 3 ft x 5 ftLas Vegas
12 passenger sprinter van rental
12 Passenger (2017/2018 Model)
12Bench245 ft x 5 ft Las Vegas
Oakland/San Francisco
15 passenger sprinter van rental
15 Passenger (2019/2020 Model)
15Reclaimable Bench24 3 ft x 5 ftNew Jersey
Oakland/San Francisco
15 passenger sprinter van rental
15 Passenger (2017/2018 Model)
15Bench243 ft x 5 ft  Las Vegas
Oakland/San Francisco
Cargo/Crew Cargo sprinter van rental
Cargo/Crew Cargo Van (2017/2018 Model)
2 Cargo
5 Crew Cargo
Bench24   14 ft x 5 ft Cargo
11.6 ft x 5 ft Crew Cargo
   Las Vegas
Oakland/San Francisco

Additional Services

We've got your back when you need us. Add these services for an additional fee at booking.

Delivery and Pickup

Get your van delivered when and where you need it, fully cleaned, fueled, and ready to go. When you’re done, we’ll pick it up for you.

24 Hour Pickup / Drop Off

We’re here when you need us. Choose any pickup and drop off time that works for you.

Clean and Comfortable

We take safety seriously and ensure a thorough cleaning and disinfection process on all of our Sprinter vans.

Unlimited Miles Package

If you want to drive wherever your heart desires, this package is calling your name. It's a great option to avoid potential over-mileage fees.

Roadside Assistance

Our vans come with 24/7 roadside assistance services so that you can take to the road with total peace of mind.


We make our rental process extremely easy an we take special care of all of our customers to ensure top-notch service.

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