Our Van Disinfection Process

August 13, 2020

At Sprinter Vans 4 Rent, we are following the guidelines the CDC has set to ensure your health and safety. These precautions include proper van disinfection of every one of our Sprinter vans, each and every time they’re rented.

Vehicle High-Grade Disinfectant

Van Disinfection

At the end of each rental, we begin our van disinfection process. We follow this process by first sanitizing the vehicle from floor to ceiling with a high-grade disinfectant. We also pay special attention to areas like the steering wheel, door handles, radio/climate controls, seat belts, and the paired keys. On non-wipeable surfaces, we use a pressurized steam cleaner. This is the same technique used to sterilize surfaces in medical settings.

Vehicle Waiting Period

Health experts say the virus can live on surfaces for several days. So, after our van disinfection process is completed, every returned vehicle has a waiting period before it can be reserved again.

No Contact Pick-Up

After we complete the van disinfection process and the waiting period is over, we deliver it to you. We provide pick-up and drop-off for each rental. This process now takes place entirely online and over the phone.

 Educating Our Employees

We routinely provide masks, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and guidance to our staff. Also, we regularly provide new information and guidelines to our team as they become available. And we continue to educate our employees on how they can stay safe, keeping you safe in turn.

We look forward to providing you excellent service and confidently take all steps necessary to protect you and your travel companions.

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Our Van Disinfection Process
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