Visiting Antelope Island, Utah in a Rental Van

August 12, 2020

We brought one of our Utah rental vans to Antelope Island to see if we could get close up views of any of the animals. The scenic drive portion of the island is meant to be enjoyed from inside a vehicle, making our vans ideal for this kind of sight-seeing with large, tinted windows!

Sprinter Passenger Van on Antelope Island, Utah

There is a small per vehicle fee to get on the island. The drive was straightforward and easy to navigate allowing for stress-free buffalo viewing. An added benefit to taking this trip in a 12 passenger Utah rental van? You and 11 of your friends only have to pay the per-vehicle fee once.

Because it was so hot at 112°, all of the animals were hiding in shade or cooling off in the water which was nowhere near the road. We recommend going when the weather is less extreme to be able to see more of the wildlife.

Besides driving your Utah rental van around the island, other activities on the island include fishing, camping, hiking, boating, golfing, mountain biking, and night sky viewing. Most of the activities listed involve having a substantial amount of gear, making this van ideal for toting large cargo like golf bags, coolers, and bikes. And there’s even a hitch to tow a boat if needed.

Whether you plan to make a quick stop or spend a weekend on the island, make sure you have enough room for everything you need to make the most of your outdoor expedition!

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